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How would you like the assurance that your website will be seen on the Front Page of the major search engines on your preferred search terms? We can offer you this now - if you sign up now you could have a top ranking with Google within hours and the others - Yahoo, AOL, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc - within days!

It's not a trick or a scam, it's what's known as a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, where the search engines receive a small fee each time someone clicks on your advert. All you need to pay up front is £100 (+VAT) - this includes a £50 one-off setup charge (not payable if you are already one of our customers). This will pay for your first month's use of our programme, when your website will typically receive 300-400 visits.

At the end of the first month you will receive a report itemising how well you have done and will help you to set a monthly budget (based on projected results), to continue the programme, if you wish to continue with us.

Eight reasons for using our service rather than working directly with the search engines yourself

  1. We include you on two campaigns, Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture
  2. We have promoted websites to search engines for over 5 years
  3. We have 4 of our clients in the official Top 10 of UK Christian websites (May figures)
  4. You don't pay administration costs to the search engines
  5. You are never surcharged for low click volume (Overture surcharges all campaigns that generate less than £20 volume monthly)
  6. You don't need a credit card (search engines typically withdraw funds automatically from all registered credit cards)
  7. You receive an emailed report monthly
  8. You can suspend the campaigns at any time

Please note: there may be extra costs if you wish to achieve top rankings in more than one country. 20 a month is taken as our admin cost - the rest goes straight to the search engines. Search volumes may fall below expected level if demand is low.

You can apply for this offer by either phoning Steve on 020 8551 1719 or by contacting us or by e-mailing your requirements first.

Hosting with 50Mb of web space, user stats, web mail, scripts etc. Only £50 + VAT a year
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Promoting website to search engines / directories. Only £50 + VAT a month
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Guaranteed front page rankings on major search engines. From £50 + VAT a month
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Creating, registering, promoting and hosting your web site for a year for just £400 (inc. VAT)
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